Recent Work

With over 35 years in graphic design, I’ve been working in design since before the start of the internet and even before the personal computer came into play. Seriously.

Most of my work lately has been WordPress websites. I enjoy working for small businesses designing their websites. Please see the Portfolio/Websites page to see these websites in detail with the ability to scroll to view further down the page.

I also love doing other design work. I have extensive experience doing logo design, brochures, catalogs and newsletters, and branding. Have a look at my other Portfolio pages to see work from my career.

About Me

After graduating from The University of Oregon in 1986, I started my career in Boston working for a small environmental design firm. I had a lot of fun there but ended up missing the West Coast.

I moved to LA where I had even more fun working for a small ad firm and a couple of entertainment design companies, working on video packaging for MGM, Paramount and Sony. 

Yet the Northwest was calling me, so in 1992 I moved to Seattle and have felt at home ever since. I immediately starting working in the Creative Departments at software companies Aldus and Adobe Systems, eventually going out on my own. 25 years later, I now work on one project at a time, splitting my time between that and my family, gardening, and cooking.


Please reach out if you would like to discuss a possible project. 

And just in case you’re wondering, Laren rhymes with Karen and does not have a u. Have a lovely day and thank you for visiting!