If you are a hospital, cancer center, support group, or a cancer community, I want to speak to your members! With humor and a harrowing tale of my own, I offer practical advice on navigating the uncharted waters of survivorship.

I have spoken to large groups of employees at corporations, professional groups and networking events. My talk subjects have varied from What Is Healthy? to How To Not Get Sick to How To Avoid Mid-Life Body Breakdown.

As a double cancer survivor myself, my focus is on helping other cancer survivors regain their health in body, mind and spirit. There are a lot of support programs for patients, but once they become survivors, support is more scarce. They often feel like a boat launched out to sea without a course to navigate the waters.

I give practical advice on how to deal with the fear of recurrence, how to take back control of your health, how to build the immune system and how to stay optimistic.

With practical takeaways and solid health advice grounded in the latest science, my talk helps to give a clear path to ongoing health for survivors.

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