Yay you're in remission!  Are you thinking, "Now what?"

You got a lot of support from your doctor, family and friends while you were a patient but now you're on your own. And feeling a little like you've been pushed out to sea in uncharted waters perhaps? Where do you go from here?

Come join our community of friendly supportive survivors who are in your same boat! I bring my years of health coaching expertise and my double cancer survivor knowledge and lead each session live as we navigate the waters of creating permanent remission together.

6 Week Live Online Group Support Class

In The Permanent Remission Project Group Class, we meet every week and support each other while learning body, mind and spirit practices to rebuild ourselves after this major life event. Creating a supportive community of fellow survivors is an important part of the group dynamic. A copy of my book is included with the program.

Private One-on-One
3 Month Support Program

You can have the same program as the Group Class but in a private one-on-one format. We meet twice a month instead of weekly and you get personalized attention to reach your unique goals.

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60 Minute One Time Strategy Session

Get a taste of what health coaching is like with a 60 minute Strategy Session. Bring your main health concern and leave with clear action steps to address it. When was the last time you got 60 minutes of uninterrupted time to discuss your health concerns? 

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