WTF?! I Have Cancer Book – Hardcover


It started with the discovery of a little bump on the side of my neck at a birthday luncheon. It turned into two years of back-to-back cancers, the harshest chemo, a stem cell transplant, a mastectomy and reconstruction. In this book, I share the emotional rollercoaster that I went through first with the shock of my diagnosis and then with reconciling the necessary chemical cocktail with my organic, all natural belief system; I share it all in my typical casual style as if we were having coffee. The second part of the book I aim to help cancer patients through the difficult time just after diagnosis and through treatment by organizing all that I learned into seven sections, from food and health information to life altering lessons, to trippy spiritual experiences. This book will support the newly diagnosed cancer patient in finding strength and optimism through the hardest time of their life.

Get the beautiful hardcover version! I will happily sign any book purchase, just note who to make it out to.

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Getting a cancer diagnosis is horribly shocking. In WTF?! I Have Cancer? I share how I got through two back-to-back aggressive cancers, merging my holistic lifestyle with the traditional treatments necessary to save my life. Order your copy here today!

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