Yay you’re in remission! Whether your doctor just said, “See in you in 3 months!” and you’re feeling lost, or you’ve been in remission for a while but would like to take on your health, this program is for you.

You are so relieved to be through with all of those MF-ing treatments! You can finally take a tiny bit of control back and get a handle on your life.

Are you thinking, “Now what?”

You got a lot of support from your doctor, family and friends while you were a patient but now you’re on your own. And feeling a little like you’ve been pushed out to sea in uncharted waters perhaps? Where do you go from here?

Come join our group of friendly supportive survivors who are in your same boat! I will bring my years of health coaching expertise and my double cancer survivor knowledge and lead each group live as we navigate the waters of creating permanent remission together.

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The Permanent Remission Project
3 Month Group Health Coaching Program

In The Permanent Remission Project Health Coaching Program, we take a holistic approach to rebuilding your health and wellness. We meet every two weeks and focus on various aspects of rebuilding your body, mind and spirit after this major life event. Creating a supportive community of fellow survivors is an important part of the group dynamic. A copy of my book is included with the program.

The Permanent Remission Project is for you if you want to:

  • restore your energy.
  • get to or maintain your ideal weight.
  • improve your digestion.
  • be sharper mentally.
  • sleep better.
  • learn how to put your health and wellness as a priority.

Here’s what we cover:

WEEK 1: Stress — Managing the Fear and Anxiety Rollercoaster

WEEK 2: Food — What to Eat to Boost Your Immune System

WEEK 3: Optimism – Pure Acceptance and Staying Positive

WEEK 4: Self-Care — Rituals to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

WEEK 5: Gratitude – The Healing Power of Forgiveness Work

WEEK 6: Rebuild — Your Strength and Your Gut for Optimal Health

2 Zoom calls per month, 1 hour in length
maximum of 8 per group

Plus you get:

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community of Permanent Remission Project women
  • Participate in monthly Q&As held in the Facebook group
  • Remission recipes
  • Tips and support for a healthy mind, body, spirit.

$197 per month for 3 months

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One-on-One 3 Month Health Coaching Program

You can have the same program as above but in a private one-on-one format for $397 per month.

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