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Apples: the super fruit

Have you ever noticed how our bodies start craving foods as they come into season? I have been craving apples. Maybe it’s because we have a small orchard with eight apple trees and I am seeing them fall to the ground, ripe and ready to eat. Or maybe it’s because my body is craving the […]

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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a program that lots of small organic farms across the country participate in to get their vegetables out to the community. Basically you are buying a share of the farm’s produce during the season. This helps the farmers with much needed funds early in the season and […]

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Back to school = what’s for lunch?

My kids are kind of picky. I think most kids are really. It has to do with the fact that what goes into their mouths is one of the only areas of their lives that they have any power or control over. Think about it. Parents and/or school administrators decide their schedules, the bulk of […]

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