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Basic Yoga for Cancer Remission

I’m happy to bring you a guest post this week by Heidi Hackler, RYT, CHHC Where yoga was once considered “woo-woo” stuff that only vegetarians did, it has now become mainstream, and today most cancer centers in the US have some form of yoga program available. Yoga can be beneficial for healing the body from a […]

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Heal with Pure Acceptance

Last week four years ago I heard voices in my head. Well, one voice really and it was answering a question I had asked. I got an answer I wasn’t expecting and one that I knew I hadn’t come up with myself since it made no sense to me. It wasn’t logical or simple. But it ended […]

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Are You Connecting?

I’m writing this post as I fly across the country to surprise my sister for her 51st birthday. And although we text each other almost daily, talk frequently, and have a continuous, ongoing game of Words With Friends, I haven’t actually laid eyes on her in over eight months. She is one of my VIPs: […]

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How to Change Your Life with Your Breath

This week I’m happy to bring to you a guest blog post from my good friend and yoga studio owner, Anne Basco. She has written about the yogic practice of mindful breathing called pranayama and the health benefits it can bring, especially for those in cancer treatment. Really it’s good for everyone in our busy […]

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Meditation Step by Step

If you haven’t tried meditating, what is holding you back? Many people are realizing the benefits: increased focus, reduced anxiety, fear and depression. Meditation has also been shown to help with reactivity, anger management and improve feelings of equanimity and peacefulness. From high level CEO’s and entrepreneurs to stressed out parents, people are adding meditation to […]

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