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Holiday Stress Series: Take a Tech Break

Last week I wrote about meditation as a scientifically proven tool for reducing stress. If you haven’t read that post, check it out. Mindful breathing meditation is not as hard as it may sound. This week, I’m encouraging you to take a break from technology. Multiple recent studies have shown that our daily tech addiction […]

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Healing the Gut

I have been having a bug problem for 30 years and it’s not in my house. It’s in my gut. I have been learning a lot about the importance of the various bacteria in and on our bodies since my two cancer diagnoses. Did you know we are host to a hundred trillion bacteria? Did […]

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The Permanent Remission Diet

Sometimes I hear people say that food doesn’t matter in health. Or all food is converted to glucose in the blood and that fuels all cells so it doesn’t matter what you eat. Or all calories are the same inside the body. These opinions, sometimes even made by medical professionals, are ignoring new studies that […]

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