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Losing my hair

When I first got the news that I might need chemo, what concerned me most was losing my hair. Of course, I didn’t like the idea of poison coursing through my veins killing off my immune system (that I had ironically worked hard to get strong over the last few years since my dairy allergy […]

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Thank you cancer!

I’m participating in a 21 day meditation challenge with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. It began on the day that I first met with an Oncologist and found I had enlarged lymph nodes in multiple places on my body. That first meditation’s Centering Thought was “I am open to miracles.” Boy was I ever open to […]

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WTF? I have cancer?

Three words you never want to hear your doctor say: biopsy, oncologist, lymphoma. I have had these impossible words spoken to me many times over the past 6 weeks as the doctors have tried to figure out what was causing my lymph nodes to be enlarged. Time went really fast and at the same time […]

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