5 Reasons Travel is Good for the Soul

My husband and I were quick to marry, quick to start a family and quick to feel all the joy, pressure, and stress that comes with those life choices on that timeline.

Our children are nearly raised now and we will be celebrating 20 years of marriage tomorrow! So to celebrate, by the time you read this, he and I will be on our way to fly away for 17 days of travel and very rare time with just each other.

Although we haven’t taken too many trips abroad, we both love to travel and are very excited to visit London, Paris, Tuscany and Rome. I’ve been thinking a lot about the benefits of travel lately and believe strongly that everyone should go beyond their neck of the woods. I’ve listed a few reasons below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

5 Reasons Travel is Good For the Soul

  1. Experiencing other cultures. There is a lot to be learned by seeing how people in other parts of the world live their lives. Maybe there is a practice or lifestyle habit that would make your life easier or healthier.
  2. Broadening your horizons. Also called PERSPECTIVE. Seeing that the world is more complex and diverse than your little corner of the world, can put your life and your problems into perspective. Maybe you have it a lot better than you thought.
  3. Relaxation. I’ve written several blog posts about the benefits of relaxation, reducing stress and taking time off of work. It’s very important for our health to allow the stress hormone producing adrenal glands to come back to normal levels and vacation is just the ticket.
  4. Making memories of a lifetime. There’s nothing quite like fumbling through a place where they don’t speak your language, making mistakes and being flexible while experiencing new things to bond people. Shared memories are the stuff of life.
  5. New foods! I like to fully experience the culture of the place I’m visiting and a big part of that is to eat as the locals do. I can’t wait to eat authentic fish and chips, pain au chocolat, pizza and gelato among other dishes that I haven’t ever had before.

Comment below and tell me about some of your travel adventures!

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