Is preventing cancer even possible?

Tomorrow is the first day of February already! Turns out February is National Cancer Prevention Month so this month the theme on the blog will be lifestyle tips and tricks that help prevent cancer.

Truth be told, it’s hard to even believe in cancer prevention when you have a story like mine. I mean, I was doing all the things, people. I was doing seasonal detoxes and yoga and bootcamp fitness classes. But if you have read my book, WTF?! I Have Cancer?, you know that sometimes cancer comes to those who take good care of their bodies.

Cancer is sneaky, aggressive and vile and certain types can even cloak themselves from our immune system and sometimes there is nothing that anyone could have done (and definitely no one to blame).

So how do we “prevent” something that has no rhyme or reason?

Some people might figure, “It doesn’t matter how I live because no one knows why anyone gets cancer!” And I don’t blame you. But I also don’t advocate this attitude.

Cancer is caused (in my opinion) from a perfect storm of conditions in the body, mind, and spirit that allow a cancer cell to grow and not get zapped by the immune system’s T-cells. Some conditions are out of our control but a lot of them are within it and those are the things I say to take action on.

For example, fruits and vegetables have antioxidants that kill the free radicals that cause inflammation. And inflammation is a precursor to all of the big, bad diseases including cancer. So eating lots of fruits and vegetables is a very good thing! Other foods like mushrooms and in particular medicinal mushrooms like  Turkey Tail, Reishi, and Cordyceps have strong anti-cancer compounds. Reducing your exposure to known cancer causing chemicals also increases your chances of not getting cancer. Considering the mind and spirit side of things, studies show happiness and stress reduction are actually key to living a long, healthy life. And let’s not forget the increasing amount of evidence that shows the gut microbiota are actually in charge and ruling the body and the mind.

So it really does matter how you live.

In fact, research shows that 70-90% of the cancers diagnosed are preventable by lifestyle choices. So in the coming weeks I’ll be taking a deep dive into some of the most effective lifestyle changes we can make to prevent cancer.

As a survivor, I’m very interested in making sure I never get cancer again if I can possibly help it. Whether you want to do all you can to prevent ever getting cancer, or if you are a survivor like me and don’t want to have it come back, you’ll be wanting to check back in to the blog to learn helpful tips and tricks (I promise not the ordinary garden variety either!) to preventing cancer as well as how to actually implement these lifestyle changes to make them habits for healthy living. Stay tuned!

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