Announcing The Permanent Remission Project!

Announcing…The Permanent Remission Project! This gives me goosebumps. And I am so excited I can barely stand it! Here’s the deal– I have shifted my health coaching program (really a small pivot) to exclusively help people in remission from cancer rebuild their health after treatment, and it feels like a puzzle piece in the big picture of my life and mission just clicked into place.

In The Permanent Remission Project, I take the tenets of my book, WTF?! I Have Cancer? and my 6 years experience as a holistic health coach to guide people post-treatment back to strength in body, mind and spirit.

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Being a cancer survivor is wonderful and hard at the same time. Yay you are alive and so grateful! And yet there is a very real constant mental game to play called “What if it comes back?” Every cough, every ache and weird feeling is scrutinized and the mental gymnastics begin again.

As time passes, it gets easier to fall back into the (naïve?) mindset that we had before diagnosis. You know, the one where we assume we will live a good long life. But for some people like me with incurable varieties of cancer, this wondering will just always be there in the background.

Strengthening the mind and managing that anxiety is key to a survivor’s toolkit. Rebuilding the body’s strength is of course mandatory as well. In The Permanent Remission Project, in addition to dealing with the mental game, I also work with clients on their diet and their activity levels to rebuild the damage chemotherapy can do.

In this phase of the program, we focus a lot on the gut, digestion and building the immune system. We also make sure toxic exposure is at a minimum to make sure we’re not unnecessarily exposing our bodies to potentially carcinogenic chemicals.

The last piece is the spirit. This was a huge area of growth for me in my personal cancer journey. In The Permanent Remission Project, I encourage and teach spiritual practices that create ease, peace, love and acceptance. Nothing religious, nothing woo-woo, just heart centered self-care.

The Permanent Remission Project is currently offered as group and one-on-one coaching in a three month program, with bi-weekly 60 minute coaching calls held via Zoom. Included in the program is a private Facebook Support Group, clean recipes, strength building exercises and more. Contact me today to apply for the program!

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And please share this post with your friends and family who are in remission and are interested in learning a lifestyle that creates an environment that is the most inhospitable for cancer to recur. I want to meet people who want to join me in creating permanent remission in The Permanent Remission Project!


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