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Let’s face it; motherhood is hard. I wrote about the stress I put myself under trying to be the perfect mother in my book, WTF?! I Have Cancer? Mothers juggle so many tasks and wear so many hats (chauffeur, personal chef, housekeeper, nurse, caretaker, educator, counselor, mediator…). And because I am apparently an over-achiever, I also volunteered in my kids’ classrooms, was very active in the school PTSA, went to all of my kids’ athletic events and although my husband did complain that he was not always a priority, I did try to be a good partner to him. And some of us do all of that on top of working a full or part time job!

So when an event comes along where I get to help mamas do this enormous and important job a little easier or pamper them and have them feel appreciated for the huge contribution they are making to the world just by being good mothers, I jump on it.

My friend Leanne Kabat, CEO of MamaCon, has a terrifying/inspiring story of her health journey that led to the creation of her personal mantra “no mama should mama alone”. Here’s what she says MamaCon is all about:

MamaCon is a mama-only event showcasing speakers who inspire and motivate mamas to transform their lives to be their best for their kids, families, and themselves. At its core, the ultimate gift at MamaCon is the gift of time to be inspired, be empowered, and be connected with other amazing women so everyone goes home with a friend they can call when life or mothering feels too heavy.

What does MamaCon offer?

  • Inspirational speakers to transform your life from surviving to thriving
  • Time to recharge and reconnect with other amazing mamas
  • Shopping opportunities in the Marketplace
  • Mini-Spa treatments to pamper and refresh
  • Dinner and other yummy treats
  • Leading experts to dive deeper into hot topics for mamas:
    • Family Finances with Audrey Godwin
    • Birds & Bees & Kids with Amy Lang
    • Internet Safety with Jill Goetz
    • Positive Discipline with Casey O’Roarty
    • Parenting Teens with Sheila Storrer
    • Living Shamelessly with Sara Dean
    • Playing with Kids with Karen Whittier
    • Living Organically with Laren Watson
    • Women’s Side Hustle Society with Gina Fresquez
    • Brain Training with Cornell Atwater
    • ADHD Discussions with Yafa Luria
    • Family Dynamics with Jennifer Kennett

MamaCon will be held on April 29 at The Hilton, Bellevue, WA. As you see above, I will be leading one of the Roundtable Rendezvous. Click this link to purchase your ticket today! I hope to see you there!

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