A Morning Ritual for Health

I keep reading about successful CEO’s and thought leaders having morning health rituals. Interestingly, most include some form of meditation and exercise. I developed a morning health ritual during my treatment and recovery from two back-to-back cancers that I felt was rather elaborate but necessary at the time.

I let it slip as I got healthy, thinking I didn’t need it anymore. I recently realized how ridiculous that thinking was. I may not need it for recovery anymore, but it would still be good for my on-going health and wellness. And for my readers who are currently going through treatment or are in recovery, this is an excellent healing morning ritual.

This particular routine is centered around stimulating the lymphatic system, using dry brushing and self massage, then moving on to meditation and either yoga or rebounding. Since I know that my lymphatic system was compromised by my cancer, this routine is important for my ongoing health. But the lymphatic system is actually important for everyone to keep healthy!

So I have picked it back up again and am enjoying it. The whole routine takes about an hour if done in its entirety. The meditation can be shortened as well as the yoga routine when time is short to make it as short as 20 minutes if you’re in a hurry.

When I first get up in the morning, I drink a glass of room temperature water, do tongue scraping and then make myself a cup of tea. While my tea cools enough to drink, I start the first steps of my morning ritual, bringing the tea at perfect drinking temperature to the third step of meditation.

Before I go into the routine, I should mention that I have made my own coconut body oil with frankincense essential oil (excellent for its cancer fighting properties). I place the jar in my bathroom sink full of warm water to liquify while I perform the first step.

  1. Dry brushing. I take a natural body brush and brush my skin with upward strokes toward my heart, starting at the ankles, down from the neck, and then in from the wrists.
  1. Self massage. After dry brushing, I pour some body oil into my palms and starting at the ankles, massage up my legs, circling at the joints. At the belly, I massage in a clock-wise circular motion. At my neck, I massage downward toward my heart and inward from my wrists to my underarms.
  1. Meditation. While all oiled up, I throw on some loose clothing, light a candle and sit comfortably to meditate while the oil soaks into my body. It is good to allow the oil to sit for at least 20 minutes, a perfect meditation length.
  1. Exercise. After 20-30 minutes of meditation, I either do 15-20 minutes of simple yoga stretches or bouncing on my rebounder (mini-trampoline). Both are also excellent for the lymphatic system.
  1. The last step is a quick shower, then getting dressed and a healthy breakfast.

I realize this is a fairly elaborate routine. But most successful executives have a self-care routine that helps them be centered, clear headed, and ready to begin the day. Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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Laura - March 14, 2017

It sounds very beautiful and Zen! I am going to try to integrate this into my weekends – can’t fit it in yet for my regular week days 😀

    Laren - March 14, 2017

    Glad you like it Laura! Consider getting up 15 minutes early and paring down the meditation and yoga stretching to 5 minutes each during the weekdays. It would make a big difference!

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