The 14 Day Winter Reboot is here!

I have to be honest with you. I gained 10 pounds and went up a pant size a year and a half ago with the breast cancer chemo and I really want it off. Problem is that I am also discovering how completely unwilling a suddenly (from the chemo) post-menopausal body is to shed weight. So I made a commitment at the beginning of the new year to lose it for real in the next three months.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions or goals having to do with their health. That’s why the gyms and yoga studios are so crowded in January! It’s a good time to assess the current situation and make some changes for the better. But resolutions tend to set you up to fail so I have a different approach — how about we focus on a lifestyle shift that incorporates healthy habits thus helping us achieve our health goals?

We all want a quick fix and we also tend to get discouraged if we don’t see changes in a few days. I am the same way! After just seven days into my New Year’s commitment to get rid of the 10 pounds, I’ve actually gained a pound! It’s discouraging.

But my six years as a health coach has taught me that clean eating and clean living really is the key to health. That’s why I am bringing back my Clean Eating 14 Day Winter Reboot, to help give you (and me) a kick in the right direction. This is a fabulous 14 day program I used to do with my clients before I got hit with my double cancer diagnoses three years ago.

This version is all new with new recipes and materials! If you have joined me in the past, you know how great the recipes are. Just like in the past, you get a ton of healthy recipes, a 14 day meal plan, shopping lists, a huge program guide and more. You prepare food from whole healthy ingredients (and in doing so, set up the good lifestyle habits I mentioned earlier) and focus on clean eating for 7 days. There are 7 transition days after equaling 14 days total. We also schedule 4 prep days before to set us up for success.

Afterward, you will feel lighter physically, clearer mentally, much more energized, and ready to take on the new year with added vitality. You likely will feel inflammation reduce, feel stiff joints improved, glowing skin, and improved digestion.


Plus, it’s a group program so we all do it together and support each other on Facebook. I have taken dozens of clients through 14 day cleanses/detoxes like this in my six years as a health coach. I am super excited and will be doing it right along with you!

Who’s ready to join me in eating clean in 2017? It starts Monday, January 23rd. Save your space today and join me in a Winter Reboot!

Get Early Bird Pricing until January 16th for $97!

After January 16th, the price increases to $147. Save $50 by signing up now!





We already have a great group forming. I can’t wait to kick start my own winter reboot and get my body ready for summer right along with you!

Leave me a comment below if you would like to upgrade by adding VIP one-on-one health coaching support with (3) 60-minute private sessions for just $527.


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Brenda Sestrap - January 10, 2017

Karen I am a friend of Kristines and did this 3 yrs ago. I was somewhat successful but not fully committed I think. I really want to do this again but am leave ng on vacation for 10 days on 1/21. Anyway I can start when I get back? Thanks. Brenda

    Laren - January 11, 2017

    Yes you can start when you get back, you just won’t have the group support aspect. We can set up a couple of calls before and after to make sure you are on track and I will add you to the Facebook group and you can ask questions of the group while you do it. I plan to keep the FB group open for a few months post Reboot. I say, jump in and we will make sure you’re successful this time! 🙂

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