Post Election Blues


As I sit here past noon and still in my pajamas, so incredibly sad for the future of our country, I struggle to find something to say to inspire you to be more healthy in body, mind and spirit. This particular struggle is about the spirit part of the equation. Eat your greens and take walks yes, but what do we do when our spirit has been kicked in the gut?

Some readers may be thinking I’m being overly dramatic about the election. Or maybe too passionate. If you know me, you know that I care deeply about equality. I argue passionately for the rights of women, people of color, the LGBT community, people of all religions and no religion. My constant message has been to love everyone. Love brings us together and heals wounds.

Our president-elect has used divisive, hateful words throughout his campaign that allowed groups like White Supremacists and the KKK, to call him their leader. And now in the past few days since the election, these groups and other people with hate in their hearts have begun harassing people of color and of other religions. This is not the country I thought we were. These are not the values I thought we held dear.

I am so heartbroken. I am feeling all the feels and am deeply sad. I thought we were better than this. I knew there were racist, sexist people in America but I didn’t know there were so many.

So if you’re like me and looking for some way to get through this, here are my suggestions:

1. Feel it. Feel the anger but look underneath the anger too. Find the sadness and also feel that. Go within and take time to heal the hurt and find forgiveness for the people who caused the world to endure this pain.

2. Rise up. Get in action. Call your congressperson, your representative and make sure they know you expect them to stand up to this president and fight for your values of peace, love and tolerance. Attend a gathering and voice your opinion, sign petitions, volunteer at organizations that you care about. If you see someone being harassed (which since the election is increasingly common as the bigotry and hatred have been given a stamp of approval), stand up for them, stand beside them, say NO.

3. Love. Find love for your neighbor even if you disagree. Treat people with dignity and respect always.

I realize some of my readers may have voted for the president-elect. I have heard some people say that just because they voted for him doesn’t mean they condone his words or behavior. I fundamentally don’t understand this. How can anyone vote for someone when they don’t condone his words or behavior? We live in a country where we get to elect representatives to government. As our representatives, they are supposed to represent our values. Hate, bigotry, divisiveness and disrespect have been the cornerstone of every speech this man has given. To vote for him is to vote for his words and behavior. Period.

It will be interesting to see where our country goes from here. Will we stand up for love or allow hate to prevail? I honestly think it is time for people to respectfully and peacefully rise up and stand for what we believe in. Loudly and clearly say NO. No to bigotry. No to misogyny. No to racism. No to divisiveness. No to hate.



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