5 Steps to Lose Weight Holistically


A few days ago I was interviewed/filmed for 6 hours by a French documentary team for a Swiss TV station. They are producing an investigative report on Weight Watchers, which apparently is gaining in popularity in Switzerland. They wanted to interview me to get an alternative, more holistic approach to weight loss as compared to the points system Weight Watchers uses. I was thrilled to give my perspective.

We met at Pike Place Market in Seattle where I shopped for fresh, whole foods to make into a quick and easy dinner. We came back to my house and I whipped up the meal in the time it takes to cook pasta. I made Garlic Prawns with Dairy-Free Pesto and Sun Dried Tomatoes over Organic Penne Pasta. While they filmed me shopping, eating and cooking, the producer interviewed me on my perspective for weight loss. She had already followed a group of women through the Weight Watchers program in Switzerland and had heard their stories. Her questions pointed to the sharp contrast that my way of eating/living is to theirs. Here are a few of the points I made:

1. Eat fresh, local and organic. Why? For FLAVOR! Not only are these foods better for you in terms of nutrients and fewer chemicals from pesticides, they are more flavorful. The vegetables in grocery stores are bred to last a long time in the bins whereas the vegetables at Farmer’s Markets are bred for flavor. When your focus is flavor, you inevitably enjoy the food more and you will, contrary to what you might think, eat less.

2. Plan ahead. We are all busy and tired by the time dinner time rolls around. With a little advanced planning–thinking of dinner ideas and then shopping for the ingredients so they’re on hand when you come home from work–making dinner becomes quick and enjoyable, easily taking the same amount of time as ordering take out. And it will be much healthier. You only need 2 hours on a Sunday to set yourself up for success all week.

3. Eat with loved ones. I spoke about this several times throughout my day with the documentary team. My hope is that people will get back to eating with their families and/or loved ones and the food will be part of a more enriching social experience that also feeds the soul. Eating slowly and with loved ones actually aids digestion and is a holistically healthier experience.

4. Don’t count anything. I’m talking about not points, not carbs, not calories. Simply focus on eating real, whole foods that are healthy and nutritious. Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. If the food is wholesome and not full of sugar or highly processed, we don’t need such hyper awareness of every single little thing that goes into our mouth. You will be giving your body what it needs to regain its natural balance, which will lead to natural weight loss and easy weight maintenance.

5. Craving comfort foods is a sign that you need comfort. Try to get that nurturing we all need from your relationships instead of from food. Take time for yourself, slow down, make requests, and fill yourself up with love, whether from others or yourself so that you’re not reaching for the Haagen Daz when what you really need is a hug.

Follow these 5 tips and any extra weight your body is carrying will melt away with very little effort. Be sure you’re active during the day and drinking lots of water and your body will start the healing process. Bonus points for getting adequate sleep and adding in a meditation practice to address the chronic stress that is so rampant in our country.

Check back in November for an air date of the documentary. I will also post a link to the show on my website. In the mean time, as Michael Pollan says, “Eat real food. Mostly plants. Not too much.”


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Jordan - October 7, 2015

Excellent tips here! It’s so important to remember that it isn’t the number on the scale or how good you look in a certain dress – you should lose weight to be healthy.

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