How to Not Get Sick. Ever.

What if I told you that it was possible to never get sick. Like ever again. Not the common cold, not the latest flu, not even sick from things that our friends and family seem to have gotten for no reason, like cancer. Would you believe me?

Well there is growing and compelling evidence that it all comes down to how strong our immune system is. I’m sure you know that our immune system can keep the cold and flu at bay, but our bodies can actually repair all kinds of damage, even zap cancer cells before they can spread. The problem is that our lifestyles are for the most part undermining our bodies’ best efforts. Choices that we make on a daily basis actually wreak havoc on our immune system, weakening it and leaving it vulnerable to attack. The good news is that you can turn that around and build a Super Immunity.

It is my mission for everyone to learn this valuable information so that people can avoid going through what I went through. And I wish I could express the urgency in learning this and applying it in your lives. There is no time to lose! Serious illness can hit you when you least expect it, even when you feel perfectly healthy the way I did.

I have a 45 minute talk that I do at corporations and groups where I go into the specifics of how to do this. Here in this blog post, there is only space for the gist. If you want the whole shebang, please contact me to schedule a presentation for your company or work with me one-on-one in my 6 month personal program, The Holistic Lifestyle Overhaul where we address these lifestyle areas in detail.

5 Super Immunity Building Blocks (assuming you already exercise, eat your veg, and avoid sugar):
1. Figure out the food your body likes and doesn’t like. Food intolerances, allergies, and sensitivities put your immune system on alert on a continual basis, weakening it over time.
2. Reduce stress. Chronic stress releases hormones that put a strain on your immune system.
3. Avoid toxins. Toxic chemicals in our environment, fabrics, buildings, personal care and beauty products and on our food, are all supressing our immune system.
4. Heal your gut. Good and bad bacteria need to thrive and be in balance in our gut in order for our immune system to function properly.
5. Love fully. Releasing negativity and expressing love and affection actually boosts our immune systems.

As I mentioned, in my Wellness Presentation and in my Personalized Program, I go into more detail and in depth into how to do these 5 things. It may be challenging but it’s sooo worth it. How would it feel to get up in the morning with energy, clarity, optimism, feeling vital and alive? That is how you are supposed to feel. Every day.

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Kim - July 5, 2015

Hi Lauren, love your blog and this post especially! It’s the way I live my life and makes so much sense. I’m a fellow healthy living blogger from Washington State (Snoqualmie Ridge) and just wanted to say hello!

Have a nice week!


    Laren - July 6, 2015

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks and it’s nice to meet another Washington State Health Blogger! I’ll check out your site. 🙂

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