My Top 10 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Happy New Year! Do you have a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight? Seems like most people do! Here are my Top 10 Healthy Weight Loss Tips for starting a healthy and gradual weight loss program for 2013.

1. Drink lots of water! This may seem counter intuitive for weight loss but it’s actually quite helpful for losing weight. Drink half your body weight in fluid ounces daily (100 pound person drinks 50 fluid ounces). It’s better to drink more in the morning and taper off throughout the day, having little after 6:00 pm. And no, your diet soda does not count.

2. Eliminate sugar! Sugar is your enemy. We will talk more about this in the second tele-class, but the bottom line is, sugar makes you fat. You can add to that artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup and even natural sweeteners like honey and agave syrup while you’re losing weight. Use stevia if you have to sweeten something. Or better yet, just eat a piece of fruit.

3. Eliminate processed white grains! This means white flours, pasta, and white rice as well. While we’re at it, add to this no-no list starchy veggies like corn and potatoes because these all convert to sugar in your body as soon as you eat them.

4. Eat your greens! Green vegetables are very detoxifying and alkalizing and will help your body flush out all the toxins and the bad mojo it’s hanging on to that keep your fat cells plump.

5. Eat less red meat and more fish! Fish is good for our brain function and there are many studies that show red meat based diets are unhealthy. Fish is quick and easy to make and is kind of like chicken in that it is a great vehicle for a variety of flavor profiles.

6. Fill half your plate with veggies at every meal. Yes even breakfast. The reason for this is that you are filling yourself up with fiber rich, nutrient dense food which helps your body get what it needs while keeping you full.

7. Cut back on or eliminate coffee, alcohol, and diet soda. This is for the Die Hard Biggest Losers. You will lose more weight if you eliminate these addictive substances.

8. Get sleep. Stress and lack of sleep are some of the main reasons that Americans are chronically overweight. Isn’t that interesting? Get your minimum 7 hours a night.

9. Exercise! If you’re starting from a pretty sedentary lifestyle like many (most?) Americans, go gradually. The idea is to get moving and add more and more each day. Listen to your body. For more active peeps, bursts of speed or exertion are better, quicker ways to burn fat.

10. Get your vitamin L: Love! This may not seem like it will make a difference in weight loss, but I can assure you that a positive, loving, grateful, kind attitude makes a huge difference. In everything.

And contact me if you need support! My health coaching can help you achieve your goals.

To your health,

Laren Watson
Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

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