What Does a Health Coach Eat?

I had a friend ask me recently what I eat, as a guide for her to know what a healthy diet is. My answer is that I eat everything! I follow the “90% food that is good for me and 10% what I feel like eating” rule. However, I do have some guidelines that I live by that help me keep my weight in check, my energy up, and my health good.

– I eat whole foods as much as possible. I cook from scratch for the most part and avoid overly processed, packaged foods. I cook simply, quickly and flavorfully.

– I avoid sugar. We do have desserts on occasion (mainly because my daughter has discovered baking!) but I avoid them. We don’t have ice cream in the house or cookies or cake unless it’s a special occasion. My treat of choice is 72% dark chocolate, which I do eat a chunk of almost daily.

– I eat a lot of vegetables. I credit joining a CSA several years ago for this; it opened up my eyes to the vegetable possibilities. Plus they taste so much better when they are grown organic and locally. I try to eat a variety of colors at each meal.

– I don’t eat dairy but that has more to do with finding out that I had an allergy a year and a half ago. However, loads of people are walking around with dairy allergies and don’t know it!

– I eat fish at least once a week, and often twice. I don’t eat a lot of red meat and eat chicken fairly frequently. My thoughts on meat are that they should be organic, free range, and humanely raised. I’ve seen some horrifying videos of factory meat farms. Educate yourself!

– I drink a lot of water. Not half my body weight in fluid ounces but that is still my goal.

But I know what my friend will say is, “No really. What do you eat?” So I have included an actual food diary from last week. Food diaries are a great tool that bring awareness to your eating as well as to the relationship between your food and your mood. So here goes mine:

Breakfast: one fried egg on whole wheat toast with mayo, one mug ½ caff black coffee
Lunch: half a peanut butter and honey sandwich on WW bread, an apple, a handful of raw almonds, one square of dark chocolate
Dinner: Grilled wild coho salmon with lemon onion topping, roasted cauliflower, mixed greens salad

Breakfast: egg white chile sausage wrap at Starbuck’s (met a friend for coffee), double short soy latte.
Lunch: cranberry almond KIND bar, apple, (was running errands and didn’t have time to stop for lunch)
Snack: Trader Joe’s Falafel Chips with hummus
Dinner: half a chicken breast with bell peppers (from Trader Joe’s), brown rice, mixed greens salad

Breakfast: 1 piece of home made French toast with about 1 tsp real maple syrup and blueberries, one mug ½ caff black coffee
Lunch: blueberry, strawberry, banana, orange smoothie with hemp protein powder and “green food” powder added
Dinner: Went to a party, had some delicious crab salad, roasted veggies, 2 crab cakes, asparagus, a half piece of artisan bread and 2 glasses of red wine.

Breakfast: a scrambled egg with andouille sausage mixed in, one piece of whole wheat toast with Earth Balance “butter” and low-sugar home made apricot jam, one mug ½ caff black coffee
Lunch: half a roasted turkey avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread, apple
Snack: cranberry almond KIND bar
Dinner: Went out to dinner with family in town. Split an order of baby back ribs, broccoli and one piece of corn bread.

Breakfast: few bites of kids’ leftover scrambled eggs, one mug ½ caff black coffee
Lunch: sauteed onions, swiss chard, black beans, 2 poached eggs, salsa and ½ avocado (I was very full—too much food for me).
Dinner: Leftover chicken dinner from Friday (family had pasta puttanesca while I went to a workshop).

Breakfast: one mug ½ caff black coffee, one piece of WW toast with Earth Balance “butter” and honey
(after Boot Camp workout) Snack: blueberry, peach, hemp protein powder, “green food” powder smoothie
Lunch: leftover roasted vegetables (parsnips, sweet potatoes, beets, butternut squash), handful of raw almonds and a square of dark chocolate
Dinner: Home made lentil soup with artisan bread

Breakfast: fried egg on WW toast with mayo
Lunch: “green smoothie” with banana, kale, mangos, orange, almond milk
Snack: handful of mixed nuts
Dinner: Lemon chicken with caper sauce, brown rice and mixed greens salad


To your health,

Laren Watson
Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach

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Lori Triplett - March 31, 2012

This is a helpful page to read. Simple guidelines and simple foods. Thanks for listing what you eat by the day, gives some good ideas.

Ali - April 22, 2012

I pack a lunch almost every day. It allusuy consists of a sandwich (for variety I’ll make PBJ one day and meat/cheese/lettuce another) on whole wheat bread, 6 oz. nonfat yogurt, a piece of fruit (today it was a nectarine, allusuy it’s a bunch of grapes or an apple), and a granola bar. I also drink cold water throughout the day, no soda or coffee. Sometimes I’ll bring a lettuce salad with craisins, croutons, and shredded cheese with dressing instead of a sandwich. I don’t eat my lunch all at once; I might have the fruit for a morning snack and the granola bar in the afternoon. This helps prevent me from being hungry when it’s time to go home, so I’m able to eat a smaller supper. I do eat at my desk but I keep it clean; I also make sure to get up and move around throughout the day, including always taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The hardest part is avoiding the treats my coworkers bring to the office! — S.M.

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