Welcome to Organically Laren!

Yeah, I'm the holistic health coach who was doing everything right with my green smoothies and seasonal detox cleanses and then got not one, but two back-to-back, unrelated, aggressive cancers. Stage IV blood cancer and Stage II breast cancer. OMFG.

I got through it and rebuilt my health in large part because of my clean, organic lifestyle and you can too! You can have more energy, reset your hormones, heal your digestion, rebuild your immune system and seal the deal on remission.

And if you're someone who simply wants to get healthy and do your best to avoid cancer, we love you here too!

Let's seal the remission deal and feel our best, healthiest selves together!


Clean & Lean Health Coaching — Are you tired, bloated, overweight, foggy brained or suffering from skin issues? Did you know it could be the food you’re eating? I help people find the foods that love them back and they start to feel better fast.


Getting a cancer diagnosis is horribly shocking. In WTF?! I Have Cancer? I share how I got through two back-to-back aggressive cancers, merging my holistic lifestyle with the traditional treatments necessary to save my life. Order your copy here today!


With incentives from insurance programs, companies across the country are discovering that preventative health is the best approach to fewer sick days, higher productivity, improved morale and work quality. There are clear business benefits when companies implement an employee wellness program.


When I started coaching with Laren I had acid reflux, gas, bloating and been diagnosed with IBS, which were causing me a lot of pain and suffering. After 2 months coaching with Laren and the changes we made in my diet, all of those symptoms are gone!

Mackenzie K.

I am so thankful I was able to go through this program. I have lost 15 pounds so far, have quit my candy addiction, I'm exercising more, I'm less stressed and I'm eating so much healthier. What a difference it has made! I would recommend Laren to anyone who needs help with their diet and health.

Rhonda B.

After coaching from Laren, I learned how my mood affects my food choices. I eliminated the foods that cause my upset stomach. I have lost 40 lbs (amazing!), I am never hungry, I am exercising regularly and my blood work continues to improve. Laren is a good listener and very kind. She gives practical and specific suggestions and I am grateful for her help.

Dorothy B.

I was really needing a jump start to better eating, and confess that I was skeptical about not feeling deprived and hungry (and grumpy) while doing this program, but I was honestly so satisfied with eating such filling and nutritious food. Laren’s tools and support were so helpful, and it works. I lost a combined 11 inches all said, and my clothes sure fit better!

Jana J.