GET SUPPORT AFTER CANCER TREATMENT – I’m thriving and I’ll show you how.
Hi, I'm Laren! After getting through back-to-back cancers myself, I am on a mission to help you feel strong in body, mind and spirit during and after cancer. In my book, you'll learn my unique holistic approach to kicking cancer's ass!

Join us in keeping cancer at bay for life!

You did it! Treatment is over and your body is cancer-free. But, what about your mind?


Many people don’t realize that beating cancer is only half the battle. Another struggle begins in remission – finding your new normal.

In The Permanent Remission Project, we look at the body, mind and spirit and offer support and practical tools for thriving after cancer. 

Navigating life after cancer can be extremely overwhelming – but you don’t have to do it alone. Join our community of survivors! We are dedicated to doing all we can to make our bodies the most inhospitable host to cancer possible.


"Laren was very well organized, prepared and respectful. The content in The Permanent Remission Project was very well researched and she was very knowledgable and solution oriented. I most appreciated the parts about what foods to eat, the recipes and learned a ton about probiotics and supplements!"

Susan Hughes

Permanent Remission Project Participant

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